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Hire Services


Hire Services

IP Audio

IP Audio or Audio over IP (AoIP) is the distribution of digital audio across an IP network. It is being used increasingly to provide high-quality audio feeds over long distances using your network infrastructure.


Our Surveillance cameras use the latest technology. All our cameras are HDTV 1080p or better and combined with our leading VMS Video Management Software you will be able to see what is happening from your office to your mobile device.

Networking & Wi-Fi

As networking is the key to keeping you connected we can provide solutions via LAN cable (Cat6), Fibre, Wireless Point-to-Point Links, Wi-Fi and more.

Weather Monitoring

As weather can be a critical factor to some businesses we offer an IP Weather Station solution giving you live remote access to weather conditions on your site, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall and more.

Power Automation

Remote access to power using a smart phone or PC is now possible via our automated IP Distribution Boards (IPDB), offering remote control of lights and equipment at multiple sites. These can also monitor cool-room temperatures.

Control Room Services

We offer solutions to control and monitor your cameras and other devices from a single or multiple locations. We provide complete control room setup with one monitor or a complete video wall with all associated IT in any Operations Centre.

Internet Services

As it is so important to be connected to the world we have a range of Internet solutions to keep your site working as it should.

Mobile Gates

Our IP controlled mobile swing gate solution can be deployed quickly and allow staff and contractors to enter and leave your site quickly using their smartphones. This is a time saver solution.

Merchant Services / POS

We have partnered with Square to offer the latest in POS (point of sale) and Merchant services (Eftpos) to create a fast and reliable solution.


We have a number of ways of mounting and running our equipment using our trailers, poles, brackets and other available infrastructure.