About Us

About Us

CCTV Hire is a new breed of security business thinking outside the square in this rapidly changing world, with the need for camera surveillance having never been more crucial or multi dimensional than it is now. What you have right now is exclusive access to the most unique CCTV Solutions provider in Australia to cater for many needs, activities and events.

CCTV Hire is a Mobotix Certified Installer/Partner, AXIS Partner and Milestone Partner/Intergrator giving you assurance you are going to get the maximum out of the best technology on the market.  This allows us to achieve thing never thought possible in the CCTV industry:

The all our system is not just a security surveillance system it also can work as a safety and alarm system with its advanced onboard software.  All our products recommended by CCTV Hire have gone through rigorous testing so you can be rest assured that we can recommend the most appropriate system for your needs.

CCTV Hire has been conducting extensive research and development using Mobitix, AXIS, Sanyo and other products to achieve low powered solutions for solar and rapid deployment solutions.

For a free on site demonstration to see how CCTV Hire and the our system can assist your business security and safety needs phone 02 9618 0444