Surveillance (CCTV) Hire

CCTV Hire uses the latest Technology in surveillance cameras. All our cameras are HDTV 720p and better. All our cameras are POE powered and can be ran off Mains Power using our MPB boxes , Batteries BP box and Solar.

We have developed a number of different systems to suit many applications which can be combine where needed.

Our universal and variety of brackets systems can install camera just about anywhere and on to anything eg, Beams, Poles etc

We can add cameras to existing systems or setup complete systems including control room and multiple monitoring locations.

IMG_1728Our systems can be used for:

  • Events
  • Construction
  • Time Lapse
  • Advertising
  • Mines
  • Ports
  • Under Cover Operations
  • Industrial Disputed
  • Military
  • Much moreā€¦…